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Summer is here!  What should I AVOID while wearing Extensions?

  • avoid sunscreens containing avobenzone and octocrylene

  • avoid using toning shampoos on extension hair

  • avoid unnecessary tension when styling or putting hair up

  • never sleep with wet hair

How do you maintain these hair extensions?

The hair we use is guaranteed for 6 months depending on how you care for it. 

After your initial installation, we book your 1st move up in 6 weeks to make sure you are properly taking care of it. After that appointment you are looking at coming back every  6-8 weeks to do a move-up.  This usually coincides with your color services.  

Your daily care is pretty easy!  Brush, brush, brush, and oil your hair daily.  Use a sulfate-free shampoo. (We provides these for you at your New Install Service).  Sleeping and Swimming we recommend braiding the hair or keeping it contained so it isn't rubbing around and getting matted.  You will be surprised how long you can go between washes. There are half washes we will show you. Or we offer our highly attractive Mermaid Blowout Services, where we clarify, deep clean, and infused with the best peptides out on the market k18. Plus we finish off with Instagram worthy Curls that will last you a week. Other than that you welcome to the best options for low maintenance hair. 

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