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Barbie Gaydos

Hi!!! My name is Barbie Gaydos and I would love to tell you a little bit about what makes me ME! I am super passionate about my career, my clients, and all things HAIR! My Career is my everything. I am engaged and have a very spoiled fur baby named Diogi. I have been licensed in cosmetology in the State Maryland since 2000. I have attended all types of classes, for haircuts, coloring, marketing, and sales. I began cultivating a Mermaid Tribe feel for as long as I can remember. I absolutely love making people feel beautiful and confident, this is what makes my heart the happiest! In May of 2019, I started my journey with Natural Beaded Rows. BEST DECISION EVER!!!!! NBR has transformed my business as well as my everyday life.


NBR makes my life so much easier, with its low maintenance lifestyle. But wait… the best thing is, I now have the most amazing hair a girl could could dream of! There is nothing better!! As a stylist, I always strive to stay highly educated and stay on top of the next best thing. I am a continued education junkie and obsessed with learning and growing in this industry. In April of 2021 I began my journey of creating my very own Assistant Internship, by being lead by, Lacey Gebo's Assistant Program.

My Dream would be to cultivate a team that is humble, hungry, and teachable! I am passionate about training and passing on my knowledge, I have been working solo and course correcting my whole career. I would be delighted to see other stylists succeed while training and have more freedom than ever from behind the chair.

I am forever grateful for my mentors, my Fiancée, and my Dream Clients who have supported me over the years!


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