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Hair Wash Day Tips...

Welcome to our "blog"
the Hair by Barbie Cove.

We can't wait to share tips on how to care for your investment!

First up…let’s talk hair wash day! Here are a few tips to make your life easier and to insure the longevity of your hand-tied extensions.


Even though we all love being able to go a week between washes it’s not always the best for your scalp. Washing every 4-5 days will help keep your scalp healthy and happy.

This will also help our blondes keep their color on point.

We recommend washing your hair twice. Once to cleanse your hair and once to treat it. For your second shampoo choose something that is adding moisture to your hair. Then condition! We love our K18 Hair Treatment and using a Hair Mask by Seven in place of your conditioner every other wash will keep your hair and extensions soft and moisturized.


Gently towel dry your hair after you wash. Do not put your hair up in a bath towel or sheet. When your hair is wet it is at its weakest. It is also very heavy so putting it up when wet will put to much tension on your natural hair and can also cause the corners of your rows to pull or come loose.


Dry before brushing! Rough dry your hair without brushing. Add your leave-in, heat protectant and lotion or oil. Then keep drying. We recommend your hair being 80% dry before brushing gently with your wet brush. Brushing when wet can cause damage to your extensions.

Making sure to get the top of your rows dry is important when it comes to the longevity of your extensions. Make sure you are separating your rows when you are drying your hair to insure they are completely dry.


Even moisture from a sweaty workout can cause damage if it sits to long. Quickly hit the top of your rows with your blow dryer after your work out.
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