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Take Home Care Card...

NEVER use sunblocks containing these ingredients:
It turns extensions Peachy 
or Pink and is stubborn to remove!  You may need 
New Hair!

Welcome to our "blog"
the Hair by Barbie Cove.

 How to care for your investment!

We are always here to help you stay on top of your hair routines.  Life can be crazy, but your hair doesn't have to be. You invested in the best hair that is out there, now lets make sure it stays Mer-Mazing! We have copies in the Salon for you take home and refer to daily.  Take one or two, next time you come in!

Turquoise Watercolor Modern Thank You Card.png


Even if you can not manage to brush properly or wash your hair completely... Reach out to us!  We offer Mermaid Blowouts for this reason, you will LOOK AND FEEL be rejuvenated! 
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