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You Deserve To Embrace Your Thinning Hair With Confidence!

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About Crowns

Are there extensions for the top of your head WHEN THINNING?    Yes


For someone who is experiencing hair loss, or fine/thinning hair in the crown or fringe area, hair extensions are not an option. In this case, hair replacement with a top volumizer is applied and worn on a daily basis.


We offer Temporary and Semi- Permanent crown extension pieces:

  • A temporary crown extension uses clips to be applied for day to day use. This allows you, the client, to be in control of when you choose to wear your Crown unit. 

  • Semi-Permanent Crowns need maintenance every 3 weeks and are not removed daily, You sleep, swim, and shower as it is strategically attached to your hair.


Crown Extensions hair pieces create a beautiful mane with fullness and volume on the top of your head. They are completely customizable to your look and pair nicely with other extensions methods, like NBR, for added length.

Temporary Crown Pieces
Semi Permanent Crown Extensions Pieces

Each piece is custom ordered and fitted to each unique hair loss pattern.

During your Luxury Install, we will:

  • Custom color both your hair and the piece to insure a flawless color blend.

  • Customize the placement to ensure the most coverage and most natural-looking results,

  • Customize your cut to ensure your piece never looks "wiggy" or fake.

  • Work with you to create your ideal style and make sure you can recreate it on your own, at home!

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