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Crown Extensions hair pieces create a beautiful mane with fullness and volume on the top of your head. They are completely customizable to your look and pair nicely with other extensions methods, like NBR, for added length.

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About Crowns

We offer temporary crown extension pieces. A temporary crown extension uses clips to be applied for day to day use. This allows you, the client, to be in control of when you choose to wear your extension unit. Each unit is custom colored for a seamless blend and natural look.

Crown Extensions gives you an immediate boost of self confidence and will quickly become your favorite accessory. 

Temporary Crown Pieces
Semi Permanent Crown Extensions Pieces

Temporary Crown extensions can easily transform your hair in a matter of seconds! Placed at the crown of the head, The Fall Crown Extension is secured by four comfortable, silicone-coated clips that attach to your natural hair while remaining damage free. The hair is hand tied into a breathable weft, which allows it to be redirected to blend with your natural hair. Perfect for someone looking to add extra volume on a day by day basis.


Semi Permanent Crown Extension system provides more volume for fine and thinning hair at the drop of a hat. The MICROLINES System includes various hair thickening methods and provides optimal solutions for any individual case, ranging from normal/fine hair all the way to thinning hair. Even cases with serious hair loss and bald spots can receive perfect hair volume with Hairdreams. The client’s own hair is supplemented and filled in with high-grade, hand-selected 100% real human hair. This hair matches the client’s hair in terms of color, lengths and structure, creating an absolutely natural-looking result. The integration process is gentle and non-damaging. The additional hair feels like the client’s own hair and can be worn without any noteworthy lifestyle limitations. The additional hair volume is indistinguishable from the client’s natural hair. Ideal for someone interested in a solution everyday & night.

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