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Experience The Luna Method – a revolutionary hair extension technique that sets a new standard for comfort, speed, and safety in the industry.  Limited to only the a few artists that strive for

Excellent results!

About The Luna Method

The Luna Method, pioneered by Ashlee Leeper, represents a groundbreaking approach to hair extensions, raising the bar for comfort, efficiency, and safety within the field. This innovative technique utilizes between 5 to 12 points of contact to achieve a full head of hair, incorporating hidden beads that merge flawlessly with your natural hair for an undetectable and snug fit. Tailored to meet individual needs, the Luna Method offers a rapid and secure way to achieve voluminous hair, ensuring both seamlessness and comfort without compromising on safety.


The Luna Difference

The innovative technique of hiding all beads ensures that even clients with the most delicate hair can enhance their locks without anyone knowing they're wearing extensions. By limiting the points of contact to just 5-8 per row, we guarantee a more comfortable experience for our valued guests.


The Luna Method empowers us with the expertise to adjust tension and pressure uniquely for each client, effectively preventing discomfort or soreness. This approach is crafted with the utmost consideration for the scalp and hair health of every guest, offering reassurance and eliminating worries about possible damage.

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