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NBR Extensions create a beautiful mane with incredible manageability
and the freedom to customize your look.

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About NBR

NBR employs a distinctive method where rows of extension hair are arranged in a horseshoe pattern around the head. This is achieved by first securing a foundational row of beads and thread into the natural hair, onto which the extension hair is then meticulously sewn.


The NBR technique typically involves installing 1 to 3 rows of hair, with the entire procedure lasting anywhere from three to five and a half hours, ensuring a thorough and precise application.


With NBR extensions encircling the head, even a single row can significantly enhance volume and length. Incorporating additional rows allows for increased fullness near the crown and greater length, helping you achieve that coveted, Pinterest-worthy look.


Opting for NBR can instantly elevate your self-esteem, offering a beloved, maintenance-free enhancement to your appearance that feels as seamless as it is stylish.

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Why NBR Extensions?

Barbie stands out as one of Maryland's 1st Licensed NBR Artists, having mastered this technique over more than four years.


This extension method is celebrated as the safest on the market, requiring only a few points of attachment to the natural hair and completely avoiding the use of adhesives.


For a flawlessly natural look, each extension weft is meticulously hand-placed and custom-colored to blend seamlessly with your hair.


The customization of weft quantity and row placement is tailored to suit the unique preferences and requirements of each client.


Perfect for those with an active lifestyle, NBR allows you to engage in your fitness routine without compromise, enabling the creation of stunning ponytails, elegant top knots, and intricate braids with ease.


Thanks to its adhesive-free nature, removing NBR extensions is a quick, 5-minute process, ensuring a hassle-free experience without the need for tape, bonds, braids, or chemicals.

Placement of Custom Colored Isla Hair.jpg
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