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Grow with us.

Wild Mushrooms

Our Mission

At Hair By Barbie, we are passionate about creating an amazing customer experience. We are looking for enthusiastic and talented individuals to join our team and help us continue to provide the best service to our clients.  

Our Culture

We have just TWO requirements to work at Hair By Barbie.

You must be…

1. Nice

2. Coachable


If at any point in time we feel you have lost one of these two qualities, we will kindly uninvite you from our team. It is extremely important that these two things always remain. Seem a bit harsh? Maybe? That is how important these two qualities are to our team!


Our STRONG culture relies in YOU! We always point to our mission and core values to stay connected and as ONE TEAM!

What We Offer

We offer an exclusive 9 month internship program to help you develop your skills and gain a better understanding of the industry.

To apply, please click below to fill out the application.

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